How to Fix CardFlow 'Error starting recording' when trying to record your MTGA gameplay

 Struggling with recording errors in MTG Arena using CardFlow? This comprehensive guide walks you through locating and troubleshooting the minobs.exe file to get you back to recording in no time.

Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) revitalizes the iconic card game for the digital era and opens new avenues for players to share their gameplay through recording. CardFlow, a specialized recording software for MTG Arena, has become a favorite tool for many. However, users sometimes face a frustrating issue: recording fails to start. This article aims to solve this specific problem, with a focus on a common culprit: the absence or malfunction of the minobs.exe file.

Understanding the Error

When you initiate a MTG Arena match and check the video preview tab in CardFlow, encountering the message 'Error starting recording' indicates a malfunction in the automatic recording feature. This issue is most likely due to the absence of the minobs.exe file, leading to a disruption in the seamless recording process that CardFlow typically facilitates.

Preliminary Steps Before Troubleshooting

Before diving into technical fixes, ensure that your MTG Arena and CardFlow applications are up to date. Compatibility often depends on having the latest versions installed.

Locating the Specific Folder for minobs.exe

To fix this error, start by finding where minobs.exe is installed on your computer. This file is typically located in the "C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Programs\CardFlow\resources\nativelib\obs\bin\64bit" directory. Copy and paste this path into your Windows Explorer window, replacing "XXXX" with your Windows username.

Checking for the minobs.exe File

Within the 64bit folder, minobs.exe should be present, serving as a key component in facilitating the recording process. If the file is there, the issue might lie elsewhere. However, if it's missing, this is likely the root of your problem.

Troubleshooting a Missing minobs.exe File

A missing minobs.exe file can obstruct your recording endeavors. This situation often arises when antivirus software mistakenly identifies the file as a threat, subsequently removing or quarantining it. Follow these steps to restore minobs.exe to its rightful place.

Removing minobs.exe from Quarantine

Access your antivirus software and navigate to the quarantine section. If minobs.exe is found here, opt to restore the file. This action informs your antivirus that the file is safe.

Adding an Exception for minobs.exe in Antivirus Software

To avoid future disruptions, add an exception for minobs.exe in your antivirus settings. The specific steps vary across different antivirus programs but generally involve specifying the file or folder you wish to exclude from scans.

Alternative Solutions if the Above Steps Fail

If restoring minobs.exe and adding an exception don't resolve the issue, consider reinstalling CardFlow. Sometimes, a fresh installation can fix underlying problems. Additionally, reaching out to CardFlow's customer support can provide more personalized assistance.

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