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Enhance your MTG Timeless self-mill deck with Buried Alive. Discover powerful combos and strategies to elevate your gameplay.
Adding Buried Alive to Self-Mill in Timeless
{{ 666b65236c524973889ec9a5 }} Why is this Deck? Self-mill strategies are kind of my jam, and when given an opportunity to abuse triggers that put a ton of power onto the board through the graveyard, you'd better believe I'm going to do it. This deck has been popular in Timeless and Historic for some time now since Prized Amalgam joined the client with Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered, but I decided now was the time to test it out because we Arena players got our hands on Buried Alive in Modern Horizons 3.
Explore why Rakdos Vampires excels as the best midrange deck in Explorer. Get key strategies, card picks, and tips for MTG success.
Rakdos Vampires: The best Midrange deck in Explorer
In a few days, on June 15-16 MTG Arena will host an Explorer Qualifier Weekend and right now Rakdos Vampires is for sure the most popular deck in the format. If we look at the Pioneer data we notice how the deck is the most played one with a meta share of around 18%. It is likely to assume that the meta share in Explorer is going to be even bigger as the absence of decks like Hidden Strings or Niv to Light might has a huge impact in this direction. Explorer is the least played format on Arena and people, generally speaking, don't like to invest many resources on it.  However we have to remember that on MTG Arena the Vampires packet is played in Historic and Timeless as well and for this reason it is likely to assume that many of the players who are not familiar with Explorer will just stick to this deck since they might have played it in different formats. Unless Amalia Combo (check my latest article) becomes even more popular, I would assume the meta share of the deck will be higher than 20%. If you feel like you can match a deck a fifth of the games you play I think you should at least try to understand how that deck works and maybe try to find a plan to win the matchup. {{ 6669efdc6c524973889ec723 }} What’s the deck plan?
Explore the resurgence of Mono Green decks in Pioneer and get essential tips to prepare your deck for competitive play. Discover expert insights now!
The Resurgence of Mono Green in Pioneer, and How to Prepare Your Deck For it
All was quiet and chill in the Pioneer Format so far this season. It felt like the meta was really balanced, and every deck had it's fair shot at playing a good, honest game of magic. Little did we know it was all a ticking time bomb just waiting for Mono Green to literally explode back into contention for the best deck. We were all pretty sure that Niv to Light was the deck with the highest power level, and the one that felt the most consistent. It still may be, but now we have a new/old player back into the mix with a Mono Green list that has recovered from losing Karn, The Great Creator, and uses one of Thunder Junction's new plot creatures to amass even more value, and draw almost all of it's cards in the deck. You may wonder how a creature deck can do that - just keep reading. {{ 6666c11d3d7ce8de75f6192a }} Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is still an incredibly powerful land, and the decks are using this to almot go infinite on mana. Couple that with Kiora still being powerful, and allow it to run into a format that doesn't like to use many board wipes, and you have an incredibly well-positioned creature deck.
Discover the top combo decks in the new MTG set Modern Horizons 3 and their game-changing strategies. Uncover the new set's combo monsters now!
The Combo Monsters of Modern Horizons 3!
Welcome Magic lovers!   In just over three short weeks, the Magic: the Gathering world will be tuning in to watch Pro Tour Amsterdam, which promises to be a fantastic tournament as it will feature many new cards from the upcoming Modern Horizons 3 set, which drops on June 14th. For those who may not know the difference between a set like Modern Horizons and a more typical set like Outlaws of Thunder Junction, while cards from typical sets are legal in every sanctioned, constructed format, the cards from the Modern Horizons sets are only legal for play in the Modern, Legacy and Vintage constructed formats.
Explore the best Timeless decks from the MH3 Streamer Event. Discover my top picks, strategies, and highlights from this exciting MTG event.
My Favorite Decks from the MH3 Streamer Event
Last Wednesday, June 5th, was an auspicious day for Magic: the Gathering content creators as a select group got a chance to dust off Modern Horizons 3 for the first time in an all-access promotional event simply titled the Streamer Event. In the past, these have been called Early Access, but there was a rebrand at some point so here we are. As I primarily play Standard on Arena, I decided to focus my efforts on the constructed queues. Since Modern Horizons 3 won't be going into Standard, that left me with Historic and Timeless and only a few hours to put some decks together. There were a few archetypes I wanted to try, so here's a rundown of my favorite decks from the event. Primal Prayers Combo
Dive into our guide for Modern Horizons 3 limited archetypes. Explore strategies, deck building tips, and cards to dominate your next MTG draft or sealed event.
Modern Horizons 3: Limited Archetypes Guide
The Modern Horzions 3 spoiler is finally complete and this weekend many of you will be heading to your LGS to play the set for the first time with the Prerelease. For all the Arena players, instead, you will have to wait a few more days, as it will be available starting from June 11th. Better not to be caught unprepared then and let's immediately see what this limited has in store for us, starting from the color pairs we can build. It's possible to sort the entire MH3 set into 3 macro-themes: Modify, Energy and Eldrazi. Each of them is mainly associated with 3 colors and, once the theme is chosen, it's important to highly prioritize the cards designated for that strategy, giving synergy to the deck. I said “macro” because actually there are also 2 minor themes: Artifacts and Card Draw, but they can be found only in Rakdos and Dimir colors respectively. As we are used to for every modern Magic set, each color pair has its own “uncommon signpost” that becomes the standard-bearer of those colors and explains their strategy. In this set we also find a common signpost and an uncommon hybrid modal double-faced card (mdfc), which is not always particularly powerful, but is still excellent for fixing the mana and alleviating the mana screw.
Discover how to dominate in Magic: The Gathering Standard format by incorporating these strategies. Learn why 'CRIME' decks might be your key to success.
Looking For a Way to Break Through the Standard Meta? The Secret Ingredient is CRIME!
Standard is becoming a place where it feels as if we are either going up against control, or we are going to play against aggro. With a recent Regional Championship winner playing a Gruul Prowess deck, it is evident that we will be in for a healthy dose of that for the time being. A lot of Azorius Control decks did really well in the event also, so we can reasonably assume that this deck will also be surging. You may have seen me playing a sort of "meta breaker" deck in Pioneer and Explorer with Mono Black Waste Not. I thought about how I could bring a similar effect to it, but with a deck that has more threats to commit to the board, as standard requires us to play a few more creatures since we are not getting them for free with a card such as Waste Not. I decided to make it a little bit more focused on crime, but still keep a central package of discard and general hand disruption. This deck is performing very well on the ladder in Standard, and I also used it to get a 7-0 clean run in the Standard Metagame Challenge. It seems to have legs, so I figured I would share it with you today. {{ 66603c38177d210217366c13 }} Deck Analysis and Key Cards
Delve into the supremacy of Amalia Combo, the pinnacle deck in the Explorer format. Learn its secrets and dominate the competition with our expert insights.
Amalia Combo: The best combo deck in Explorer
On June 15-16 MTG Arena will host an Explorer Qualifier Weekend and Amalia Combo is a deck that needs some attention as it is among the best decks available in the format. Explorer (and Pioneer) format offers many combo available but over the past months Amalia Combo has been the most popular among them. Right now the deck is the fourth most played in Pioneer with a meta share of around 8% and I would expect a similar share in Explorer as well. Generally when it comes to combo decks you would expect them to take many turns to assemble the various pieces of the combo. With amalia this might not be the case since the deck can potentially combo on turn 3 putting our opponents in an uncomfortable position from the beginning of the game. {{ 66609b1a83502f501c975d7a }}
Explore the strategies for dominating the Chromatic Cube in Magic: The Gathering. Learn how to effectively use the full spectrum of colors to your advantage.
Chromatic Cube: How to Ride the Rainbow
Welcome Magic lovers! With only two short months left until the massive, three-year Standard format rotation happens at the end of July, many players are already brainstorming for other formats, as the imminent release of Modern Horizons 3 on Magic Arena should have a significant impact on Historic and Timeless. However, today we'll be leaving behind the constructed, sixty-card decks in order to focus on a Limited format that has skyrocketed in popularity recently: Cube Draft!
Explore the potential of MH3's Flip Planeswalkers in Timeless MTG. Dive into their strengths, weaknesses, and how they can redefine your gameplay strategy.
Will MH3's Flip Walkers Be Good in Timeless?
Modern Horizons 3 is bringing us a handful of transforming creatures in the style of Magic: Origins. These familiar characters begin as small creatures with big dreams and, through meeting certain gameplay conditions, their spark awakens and they become their fully realized planeswalker selves. We are getting one in each color and each of them have very specific applications, so for our purposes today, we aren't going to entertain the idea of putting multiples of these in any one deck. I trust there's some nonsense to be had with Maskwood Nexus and Moonmist, but we'll experiment with that jank another day. For now, let's look at each walker and judge how viable they are likely to be in the current Timeless format with some speculation given what else will be entering in Modern Horizons 3. Your Default Favorite Cat Man
Unlock the secrets of the Vesuvan Standard combo in MTG. Learn how to utilize this powerful strategy to dominate your opponents and enhance your gameplay
Vesuvan Standard Combo
Why is This Deck? This deck is an experiment leveraging a combo of Outcaster Trailblazer and Vesuvan Duplimancy. With enough one-mana spells, these two cards can go big enough that they might as well be infinite. [{ "card": ">Outcaster Trailblazer<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/3/33b9cd6c-d75c-4905-aa38-ff03a9c4b398.jpg?1712355961" }, { "card": ">Vesuvan Duplimancy<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/9/a/9a2119bc-a377-4156-89d4-56e7b5b494a8.jpg?1673306915" }]
Find the top deck choices for the Standard Metagame Challenge in Magic: The Gathering. Learn which decks are currently dominating the meta.
Standard Metagame Challenge: Which Deck to Choose!
This weekend the Standard Metagame Challenge is underway on MTG Arena and will last until Monday, June 3rd. I've already talked here in detail about what is the Metagame Challenge and what to do to face it in the best way, while today we'll see concretely which deck to choose, selecting not only the strongest ones, but those that theoretically can be more suitable for this type of event. Standard, in fact, is most likely the healthiest format currently exists in the MTG panorama. There are at least 10 or more decks that can be considered tier1/1.5 and in this jungle of opportunities it can be very difficult to orient yourself if you don't have experience with the format. Of course, the fact there are so many top decks of the same level translates into: “Pick what you can play best” because experience and confidence will give you an advantage over your opponents more than the deck choice itself, but, if you are really looking for advice or confirmation, or just the best lists updated to the last week, this could be useful.
Prepare for the Explorer Qualifier Weekend with our quick guide to the Gruul Prowess deck in MTG. Discover strategies and tips to improve your gameplay
Gruul Prowess: a deck you should try to prepare for the Explorer Qualifier Weekend
Next month, just a few days after the release of Modern Horizons 3 and more precisely on June 15-16, MTG Arena will host an Explorer Qualifier Weekend. I recently started to test the format and today I’m here to present you one of the decks that most impressed me among the various I played. I’m talking about Gruul Prowess. The deck has become very popular in Pioneer and recently it’s getting great results in MTGO challenges. Unfortunately Explorer and Pioneer are two slightly different formats and the absence of decks like Hidden Strings or Niv to Light greatly affects the power rankings of the other decks. Currently Gruul Prowess is the seventh most present deck in Pioneer and I can guarantee that the deck turns out to be very strong even in Explorer. After testing the deck in Bo3 events, I have an overall score of 12-3, which is not too bad considering how complicated Explorer is. The first feelings about the deck are very positive as no matchup bothered me too much. Now let’s dive deep into the deck. What’s the deck plan? The deck aims to play cheap creatures that, in most of the cases, benefits from casting noncreature spells. In this specific case we are talking about pump spells and removal spells in order to get lethal really fast while also keeping some protections for our creatures. The scary part of the deck (for our opponent of course) is that it’s not impossible to kill them on turn 3 or turn 4 but this isn’t the only strength of the deck. While putting lethal pressure on them the deck can also invalidate opponent’s gameplan. Not only this deck is able to to grow really big creatures but it can also protect them or outscale damage-based removal spells (really common spells in the format for red decks). Being fast is not always the most important thing for this deck as the presence of just 18 creatures in the deck forces us to want to be very cautious with them. In fact, even if we are talking about an aggressive deck, it is often advisable to avoid overextending or to tap out without the possibility of protecting our creatures. Once again, the deck is fast but it’s not just fast.
Discover the unexpected power of the Vaultborn Calamity in MTG. Learn how to use this surprising strategy to catch your opponents off guard and be victorious
Surprise! It's a Vaultborn Calamity!
Welcome Magic lovers!   As rotation looms on the horizon, and Standard enters its twilight, there are but a few major tournaments left on the competitive calendar. Two of the remaining events were last weekend, as dozens of Pro Tour hopefuls packed up their well-worn Standard decks and headed to the Regional Championships which happened in Beijing, China and Napoli, Italy this past weekend. 
First look at Modern Horizons 3: Infinite combos!
We're in the midst of the Modern Horizons 3 spoiler storm and every day we are flooded by new previews of what is the most awaited set of the year. Unlike a regular set, here the power level of the cards is much higher, with the aim of shaking up Modern, the MTG Arena formats where it will be legal: Historic, Timeless and Brawl, and, who knows, even the eternal formats. Wherever we look, we find strong or very interesting cards and, with so much discussion material, we are spoiled for choice where to start. Let’s begin from the fun part, shall we? Everybody loves infinite combos, so let’s take a look at the best ones found among the spoilered cards so far! Warren Soultrader
Discover how I won the RCQ, updated my Waste Not deck, and am preparing for the Regional Championship in DC. Get insights and tips!
Recapping My RCQ Win This Past Weekend, Going Over Updates to Waste Not, and What's Next as I Prepare for the RC in Washington DC!
I finally did it. I won a RCQ to qualify for The Regional Championship at SCG Con in Washinton DC this October. The entire situation is still kind of surreal to me, and I feel like I still shouldn't have won. Luck was on my side that day, and I'll take the win. I played really well, but still not perfectly. I've been telling people that I didn't make any mistakes that were costly enough to make me lose - but I definitely made mistakes. This will be part of my gameplay improving process as I prepare for the RC in DC in October, as the competition will likely be much less forgiving. I used an updated list of the Waste Not Deck that I previously did an article for, and the deck is feeling incredible. The list is pretty much set in stone for now, and the only changes I would make would be based on card availability. I would like to add one more Sunken Citadel to the main deck, and one more Ashiok to the sideboard. Today, I'll go over my Top 8 matchups particularly, and I will examine some game play, and how I managed to beat a couple of decks I maybe shouldn't have been able to beat. {{ 665546b5b9fce849c75e9b66 }}  Top 8 Gameplay
Join us as we explore the powerful Azorius Artifact Control deck in Standard, breaking down its key pieces, important match-ups and sideboard plans!
Synergizing with Synthesizer in Azorius
Welcome Magic lovers! With Modern Horizons 3 spoilers in full swing, many Magic: the Gathering players the world over are excitedly buzzing about overpowered artifacts like Kappa Cannoneer resurrecting strategies like Affinity, and bringing them back into the mainstream Modern meta game. While there are plenty of powerful artifacts in those older formats, many with the Affinity keyword printed directly on them, smaller formats like Standard don't often give players the luxury of going all in on a niche, synergy-based archetype like artifact aggro. [{ "card": ">Kappa Cannoneer<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/6/d/6ddc2852-11c4-40da-b26f-6f236349f608.jpg?1714487973" }]
Learn how to kickstart your MTG Arena experience with our expert tips on the most efficient ways to begin. Master the essentials and start winning!
What's the Best and Most Efficient Way to Get Started on MTG Arena?
Everyone who has been on Arena for some time will eventually have a friend ask them how to get into the game, or might even have the friend that says, "I wanted to download that, but I don't want to have to buy all of the cards." It's a very reasonable objection, as this game that we play isn't known for having a cheap price of admission. Right now, we are at a point where people can get a ton of free stuff just for downloading the game - and if they are willing to spend forty to fifty dollars, they can put together a deck and start farming very quickly. If they want to do a free to play option, they certainly could, it would just take longer. There are a few general rules of thumb to follow to avoid spending more money than one needs to in order to amass a decent wild card collection, and work towards some good vault progress. Today, I will go over a method that doesn't require people to draft if they don't want to, and allows them to start playing constructed for less than what it would cost them to do if they were to build that same deck in paper to just start out. If you've never played before and are looking to get started, you've come to the right place. You've seen your friends play it, you've seen the ads, you've maybe been thinking about downloading for a long time, and I'm here to take away all reservations that one may have and help you get started towards having boatloads of digital fun by following a few early rules. Get Your FREE Packs! There are a few different websites that have free packs to start the game. Even if you don't plan to use cards from a given set in your first deck, it is still important to open as many free packs as you can, as this will allow you to accrue wildcards which can later be used to craft ANY card on the game. This is the real key where Arena can be valuable. Some rares or mythic in paper cost hundreds of dollars. On Arena, they all have the same value as long as you craft them with a wildcard. There are positives and negatives to this, but for a new player, it is easy to convert that into a valuable positive. If you are wondering what website to use for it, there are plenty of them - and if you do a simple Google Search of "free MTG Arena Packs" you will have a ton of options. You can then enter the codes for these respective packs into Arena and either open up some awesome stuff, or just start getting wildcards! It is definitely worth noting that not every card that you open will be playable, or "good" but what is important is that you open as many packs as you can because every SIX packs that are opened gets you a rare wildcard.
Unlock the potential of the Naya Convoke deck in BO1 Alchemy. Learn how to farm packs efficiently and enhance your MTG gameplay.
Naya Convoke: Master Pack Farming in BO1 Alchemy Event
With the recent introduction of the set Alchemy: Thunder Junction the whole Alchemy metagame has completely changed. Grixis Heist is now the most popular deck by far and represents around the 40% of the metagame when it comes to best of three and around the 30% of the metagame of the best of one queue (Data collected from untapped). Since heist mirrors are not an experience I would recommend to anyone I believe Naya Convoke to be an amazing alternative to the heist decks. When we talk about events we also need to take into account that we don’t want to waste any resources and playing lots of mirror in a best of one environment will lead us to lower our potential winrate inevitably and thus our resources. On top of that if we look at more data we can notice how, at least so far, Naya Convoke has been the only bad matchup for Grixis Heist. In fact the matchup seems to be really good for Naya convoke (at least in best of one) with a 58% winrate against Grixis Heist. Convoke archetype has been so popular in many formats recently: Standard, Alchemy, Explorer, Pioneer and also Historic all have a version of it. If we look at the power level of the archetype with references to various formats, we notice that the deck is not always among the best options. The two most recent formats (Standard and Alchemy), having an overall lower pool of cards available to be played than the others grant less counterplays to such an explosive strategy as the convoke one. Alchemy in particular has the smallest pool of cards among the formats available on MTG Arena and I’m pretty sure this highly influenced the power level of the deck in the format. Now let’s dive deep into the deck. {{ 66536a97b054b9095810bccb}}
A detailed analysis of Heist in MTG Alchemy. Is it overpowered, and does it need a nerf? Discover player insights and balance considerations.
Alchemy: Does Heist Need a Nerf?
It’s already been two weeks since Alchemy: Outlaws of Thunder Junction (YOTJ) came out on MTGArena and, starting from the first days, what has most caught the attention and is causing players to discuss is the new heist keyword: Look at three random nonland cards from target opponent’s library. Exile one of them face down. You may cast that card for as long as it remains exiled, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast that spell. What from the spoilers seemed to be a harmless mechanic for everyone (after all we had already seen something similar with Gonti, Lord of Luxury), turned out to be incredibly powerful once playtested and that’s because many of these cards, in addition to heist, have a payoff for this ability, so you can combining all of them together into one heist-themed deck.
Explore Hidetsugu and Kairi's current performance and deck compatibility in the latest MTG meta.
Do Hidetsugu and Kairi Still Have It?
Why is This Deck? Hidetsugu and Kairi has been a very fun combo enabler for some time and when coupled with reanimation spells, it can provide a pretty nasty recursive threat and damage outlet to close out a game. This is especially clear when Push // Pull is the card you hit, blasting your opponent for eight life loss and teeing up another round of Hidetsugu and Kairi triggers. The goal is to combo kill our opponent with graveyard recursion that forces life loss with our big demon dragon duo at the center. [{ "card": ">Hidetsugu and Kairi<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/1/81039daf-0d54-4474-a833-fa287ec10cf9.jpg?1682205289" }, { "card": ">Push // Pull<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/5/85835473-b9b6-4f4a-bb93-fef93d5ec57b.jpg?1707213761" }]
Get the latest insights on MTG Standard's new cards and which decks are outperforming expectations. Explore our analysis for a competitive edge.
Checking In On Standard: How Are the New Cards Doing? What Decks Are Overperforming?
We are now over a month into the new Thunder Junction set, and it's time to take a look at how the Standard format is doing, and how these new cards have affected the meta. We came into it with the feeling that there would be something for everyone in this set, as there were tons of good cards, and different card types for multiple different archetypes across the board. We have new counterspells, new broken creatures, and of course a new mechanic in general that could cause other older cards to be good, so let's take a look at some of the most popular cards in Standard, and then some of the most popular decks. This should allow us to get a healthy measure of where the format is at, and how the new set is affecting these things. Most Commonly Played New Cards [{ "card": ">Three Steps Ahead<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/f/8fffd839-2337-4a14-9312-cee085a17f4b.jpg?1712860611" }]
Master dual-strategy gameplay in Magic: The Gathering with expert tips, deck recommendations, and strategic insights.
Controlling the Best of Both Worlds!
Welcome Magic lovers! This weekend, the final Standard Regional Championship before rotation is happening, capping what became the longest-running Standard season that Magic: the Gathering has ever seen, with a total of thirteen legal sets (not counting March of the Machine: Aftermath and The Big Score) and three-thousand, three-hundred and forty cards! With only one, last tournament on the horizon, it seems current Standard in its final form has mostly settled around five tier 1 archetypes: Esper Raffine, Domain Ramp, Temur Analyst, Azorius Control and Boros Convoke. Among these, however, it has been the Azorius Control deck that's been putting up the most consistent tournament results, placing 2nd at Pro Tour Seattle, then taking down the Regional Championship in Montreal a week later, while also flooding the Magic Arena ranked ladder, much to the dismay of players who aren't interested in slogging through a fifty-minute match on their phones. While Azorius does have the best overall matchup spread against the other tier 1 decks, some players opted to turn to the dark side and sleeve up Dimir Control instead. The main draw to swapping plains for swamps is new sweeper, Deadly Cover-up, a card which can singlehandedly turn game one versus the dreaded Temur Analyst decks into a bye for Dimir by allowing the control player to strip Worldsoul's Rage, and therefore all the win conditions, out of an opposing Temur library. In fact, a Dimir Control list built to prey on Temur cruised into the top four of RC Montreal by doing just that.
Win more in MTG's Historic Metagame Challenge with our top deck picks. Efficient strategies to help you farm packs fast.
Historic Metagame Challenge: the decks i would recommend to farm packs
The Metagame Challenge is probably the event constructed players love the most. Over the years I’ve seen many people preparing weeks in advance to these events. Some people approach to formats they usually don’t play just to try to win some packs. If you are not really familiar with Historic but you want to try to farm some packs then you should definitely keep reading the article as I am about to give you my take on the best decks to play in the event. Since the Metagame Challenge lasts only a weekend, when approaching it you should always ponder the power level of the decks you would like to play and the time needed to play them. Generally speaking I would always prefer to play aggro decks in a situation where the metagame of the format is balanced due to the limited time available. Let’s take a look at the decks i would recommend you in detail.
Explore the fun Esper Control deck in MTG Arena's Alchemy format. Learn key strategies, cards, and tips to dominate your matches!
Esper Control in Alchemy: the most fun control deck you’ll play on arena!
As a preface of this article I would like to say that among the different types of strategies available on MTG control decks have always been my least favorites. When I started to play MTG Arena the first two decks I crafted were Mono-Blue and Mono-Red aggro. Overall I prefer to play aggro or midrange decks. Then why am I talking about a control deck today? First of all Esper Control in Alchemy is FUN to play. Having access to the Power Nine is just something else. While your opponent is playing good cards you are overtaking him playing some of the strongest cards ever printed in MTG history. Luckily that’s not the only reason. I hate losing and this deck wins so many games. The highest winrate I recorded this season with the deck was 86% while now I’m sitting at 83% on over fifty games played in the best-of-three ranked queue. Last season the deck granted me a place in the top 250 at the end of the month playing a total of just 24 hours in the whole month. But now, numbers apart let’s talk about the deck! {{ 665374af04f2718e1c9fc6c9 }} Card Choices
Learn how to stream Magic: The Gathering Arena. Get tips on setup, strategies, and engaging with your audience while playing MTG Arena.
Streaming Magic The Gathering: Arena
Why Stream? If you clicked on this headline, I’m guessing you already have an interest and motivations of your own. I want to start this article with a simple reality check that everyone should face before really going all-in into a streaming career, which is the simple question of: why? Obviously, the idea of making money while playing a video game is very enticing for a ton of people, but that’s not all streaming is. While you’re live, you’re putting on a performance to an audience while also sharing your gameplay with them. You will be playing distracted while trying to entertain. This comes easily to some people while being very difficult for others – be honest with yourself and your aptitude. It’s just like picking up a guitar for the first time knowing you won’t be the next Eric Clapton. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up the guitar, just have the right expectation so you can enjoy the process.
Gain the upper hand in MTG's Metagame Challenges with our expert strategies. Learn how to adapt and conquer any meta, ensuring your victory in the game.
Let’s succeed at any Metagame Challenge
This weekend the Historic Metagame Challenge will take place on MTGArena (May 17-20) and it will not be the only one on our radar because even the Standard Metagame Challenge will arrive, just a couple of weeks later (May 31-June 3). It's already been a few years I’ve been participating at this type of event successfully, so today I'm not here to give you advice on which deck to play (cough, cough... Izzet Wizards is a solid choice), but for an aspect that in my opinion is a priority, namely the mindset and the attitude to face this kind of challenge.  
Explore the 'Waste Not' deck in MTG's Pioneer format. Get strategies and insights that have propelled this deck to competitive prominence.
Pioneer Waste Not: The Deck that is Taking the Meta by Storm!
Currently, there is much debate over what is the best Pioneer deck, and what is the top list to play for the Pioneer RCQ Season. In some recent large events, we have seen Rakdos Vampires win a Pro Tour, and we have seen Izzet Phoenix win the Arena Championship. It's interesting to note that these decks are becoming increasingly less popular in the Pioneer Meta as other archetypes begin to sideboard accordingly for them. For Izzet, you have a lot of graveyard hate, and for Vampires, you have edict effects that make you exile your biggest creature - effectively nullifying, or at least slowing down, the win conditions of both archetypes. Oddly enough, there is one deck making it's uprising right now in Pioneer that is winning tournaments and other large events. I watched it go to the finals of a recent RCQ that I went to, I've seen it win Pioneer Challenges on MTGO, and have much success elsewhere. Many people can't believe that a discard deck is actually good in the format, but to understand why it is good, you have to understand that it is much more than just discard. Today we are going to look at Mono Black Waste Not! {{ 664c589593f08a48e3b573ef }} Relevant Cards
Unlock the secrets of the Dimir Micromancer deck in MTG. Discover three crucial strategies to outsmart your opponents and dominate the game.
Pulling Three Micro-Steps Ahead!
Welcome Magic lovers! While countless Magic: the Gathering players wait for the greatly delayed, yet now looming, Standard format rotation that will occur once Bloomburrow releases on August 2nd, the pace of innovation in the format has stagnated. Pro Tour Seattle, only two weeks ago, ushered no new archetypes into Tier 1, disappointing many who thought perhaps at least one of the pro teams may have something spicy to debut on the big stage, such as the Pioneer Rakdos Vampires deck which took the last Pro Tour by storm. While insufficient testing time for the pro tour may have been a factor, as the set released a mere two weeks before the tournament itself, another reason may also have been that the archetypes which now have a stranglehold on the format, namely Domain Ramp, Esper Midrange and Boros Convoke, among others, are too well-tuned and optimally built to justify working on or developing something new. While Four-color Legends may still be the new kid on the block, even picking up recent addition, Honest Rutstein, to complement its gameplan, at its core the deck is still the same thirty-land Slogurk pile we’ve seen show up on the ladder and in the hands of recent top 8 finisher, cftsoc, for months now.
Discover what makes a card a pivotal build-around in Magic: The Gathering. This guide breaks down the essentials for creating powerful decks.
What Makes a Good Build-Around Card?
Why Seek Good Build Arounds? Magic: the Gathering is many things to many people, so for some readers, this topic might not be relevant at all, but if you clicked on the headline, I’m guessing you can appreciate building a deck from scratch. The experience of building a brand-new Magic deck and the experience of playing a deck tightly are completely different, but both have their place.
Uncover which cards shine in Magic: The Gathering's Alchemy Outlaws of Thunder Junction set. Find out if any stand out as truly GOOD in our latest analysis.
Alchemy Thunder Junction is Here! Are there any GOOD Cards?
Thunder Junction has already proven itself as one of the most influential sets released in recent memory. It only is fitting that we have some digital-only cards released in the new Alchemy Version of that set that change the game a good bit in their own regard. Right off the bat, there appear to be some cards that should make a splash in the format, and there is even a new mechanic brought to the alchemy world that goes along with the overall theme of Thunder Junction very nicely. We will take a look at some of the fun new cards, and I'll even share a deck with you that I've made! {{ 66537ad1a510558070a07e1b }} Mono Black Discard: is it Good?
Dive into Magic: The Gathering with our look at Ginger Cookie Glyphs. See how this card combines tradition with strategic play.
Hard-Hitting Ginger Cookie Glyphs!
Welcome Magic lovers! With Pro Tour Seattle fading in the rearview mirror, many competitive Standard players resigned themselves to a couple more months of Esper Raffine, Temur Ramp, Domain and Azorius Control mirrors before the inevitable rotation sweeps across the land, tucking once-dominant staples away, snug in their junk rare boxes. However, one player at the recent Regional Championship in Canada this past weekend had other plans.
Explore the fun and chaos of Kambal and Eiganjo Uprising in Magic: The Gathering. Learn why this combo is becoming a fan favorite for its silly gameplay!
Kambal and Eiganjo Uprising is Silly Fun!
Why is this Deck? Kambal, Profiteering Mayor is an interesting build-around that encourages token generation on both sides of the board, which gives symmetrical token generation such as Eiganjo Uprising unique utility. This combination is a very janky setup, to be sure, but by finding other points of synergistic overlap, we can put together a functional deck that can win some games on the ladder, even if it doesn’t take the next Pro Tour by storm. [{ "card": ">Kambal, Profiteering Mayor<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/d/5/d53a775d-5898-41a8-b404-9b7d4721c6ba.jpg?1712356126" }, { "card": ">Eiganjo Uprising<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/5/35203138-5237-49aa-a335-7a32829548a1.jpg?1654568415" }]
Explore the Pro Tour’s standout Mono Black deck. Learn how it fared against the competition with our detailed recap and analysis.
Pro Tour Recap and Trying out the ONLY Mono Black Deck in the Field
Pro Tour Thunder Junction was wildly entertaining, even if one third of the playing field was Esper Midrange, and another good portion of it was Domain Ramp. The games were action-packed and I even found myself at times cheering for an Azorius Control Deck to win it all. Ultimately, Yuta Takahashi fell in the finals to his teammate, Yoshihiko Ikawa. Both are phenomenal Magic Players and have been doing this for decades. We were not deprived of any opportunity for good action from some of the world's best. There were some unique decks that made it, as the Four-Color Legends build was pretty good - and ultimately made it's case for being tier one. Although we have seen the deck before, it always felt like not enough people took it seriously. Another relevant deck we saw over the weekend was the Caustic Bronco combo deck. It was a pretty well-put together Orzhov midrange deck with some fun combos. I was happy to see that there was one Mono Black Deck. It used a lot of the cards that I like from the new set, and many that I enjoy from older sets. Although Pedro San Segundo qualified for day two, they were unable to get a top eight qualification, but the deck still held it's own in the constructed portion of the event. Given the fact that it didn't bomb in the Pro Tour, and that I have had great success with it on the ladder, we are gonna check out some gameplay from the Mono Black Pro Tour OTJ Deck today! {{ 66537d62a510558070a07e1f }} Doing Crimes with New Cards
Explore rogue decks that made an impact at the MTG Pro Tour. Learn about the daring strategies and deck choices that defied the odds.
Going Rogue at the Pro Tour!
Welcome Magic lovers! What a weekend! It’s always such a treat to watch the best Magic: the Gathering players in the world duel one another for the title of Pro Tour Champion, but its not often that we get to see them do it in a Standard format that, only one week prior, welcomed its eleventh set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Eleven sets make this a massive card pool for Standard, and with so many mythic and rare powerhouse, build-around cards being jammed into this strange new set, the player base at large waited with bated breath to see what the finest minds in the game would cook up. Not a lot, as it turns out.
Uncover the potential of Gruul Stompy in MTG Standard with our expert analysis. Learn key strategies and card selections to dominate the game.
Gruul Stompy is Viable in Standard
Why is this Deck? I built this deck out of sheer love for Smuggler’s Surprise. I saw crazy potential for this card and I wanted to build some kind of reanimator shell around it (as I’ve previously discussed here) but decided to eschew the reanimation angle entirely and simply ramp into huge threats that can be cheated out easily with Smuggler’s Surprise. {{ 664bdd3a29ee97c57cf756fd }}
Uncover the resurgence of Golgari poison cards in Magic: The Gathering. Our guide reviews these classics, offering tips for integrating them into your game.
Old Cards That Are Newly Good: Golgari Poison
We are a couple of weeks into the New Standard Meta and the format is rapidly transforming. There is a lot of aggro floating around, and there are a few different decks that can do one turn kills. We know things are noticeable different now, so we must ask: what is something that could be flying under the radar and be sneakily good? We know that Bant Poison and Selesnya Poison have been around for a little bit. Heck, there have even been a few Abzan Poison lists that could at least be considered competitive. A lot of us look at poison lists, and we always have wanted to include white and green in some way, but something that has often been overlooked and maybe even underutilized is Golgari Poison. This deck will rely on stacking the Toxic Ability, so that we can connect out of nowhere for a big poison hit. A lot of the decks rely on more of a go-wide strategy that generates tokens and uses other resources to flood the board with toxic creatures. In this deck, we are going to use enchantments, artifacts, some proliferation, and some recursion to get our opponents to ten poison counters as quickly as we can. Before we get to the deck and the noteworthy cards, I'll say that I have only played it in best of one - and although the deck has done well, I would venture to say it is most well-positioned in the best of one meta. There are some viable cards for the sideboard if it were to be a best of three deck, but this list is at it's best when it is grinding those quick best of one contests. Also, did I mention this deck is really light on the wildcards/wallet? We are only running eight rare cards in the main deck and no mythics. We do run some rare lands, but those can be relatively easily be swapped out. As long as you can get off to a fast start with your mana base, you will be fine. {{ 664be26f29ee97c57cf75839 }} Old Cards Making A Big Impact
Dive into the world of Izzet artifacts decks in Magic: The Gathering. Discover strategies, card synergies, and insights to determine if this is the best artifact deck.
Izzet the Best Artifact Deck?
Welcome Magic lovers!  With the release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction, one of the most powerful sets we’ve seen in a long while, a veritable cornucopia of crazy combos can be found crawling all over the Magic Arena ranked ladder, as players test and tune different ideas in their never-ending quest to discover the next ‘best deck’. While the preliminary results from the few Magic Online challenges that happened over the weekend have been decidedly less exciting, with format stalwarts Domain Ramp, Esper Midrange and Boros Convoke simply slotting a couple of new additions into their existing shells and calling it a day, there have been one or two spicy new entries into the Standard metagame that may warrant further investigation.
Upgrade your Standard Golgari Midrange deck with our expert guide. Discover recommended card additions and strategic tweaks to enhance your gameplay.
Killer Green in Standard
Why is This Deck? Golgari midrange has been a stable force in the metagame for months now, and some very powerful Golgari cards were introduced with Outlaws of Thunder Junction, so I wanted to take a crack at adding them and finding out what new cards offered genuine upgrades rather than simply changes for change’s sake. {{ 664bbd0529ee97c57cf74f81 }}
Explore our deep dive into the Rakdos and Dread combo decks in Magic the Gathering. Were these decks any good? Find out as we assess their performance.
Rakdos Joins Up and Dread Combo Decks: Were They Any good?
Thunder Junction is officially here, and we are immediately seeing the effects of this very powerful set. The meta has shifted, some decks have gotten better, and some have gotten worse. We know that nothing in the format is solved this early, but there are some fun cards and decks that are standing out. In regards to card availability, the format is more complete than it has ever been - there are SO many cards! IF we went any longer without a rotation, this would almost start to feel like an eternal format. Thankfully we will have rotation soon, but until then, we will be experiencing a few months of this wild west meta from Thunder Junction. While there are many decks to go over and be aware of, what we will do today is have a look at two of the decks that I made as theory crafting builds, see how they performed, and see if they required any tweaks after some gameplay. How is Rakdos Doing? The Rakdos Joins Up deck is an incredibly fun time to play. Although I love playing mono black and there of course is a new one turn kill combo in that archetype, I have to admit that while playing this Rakdos deck, it has given me some of the most fun and unique interactions in MTG that I've had in a long time. I would venture to say that the gameplay from this deck from start to finish is more fun than mono black.
Explore the latest combo decks in Magic the Gathering Standard play. Discover decklists and strategies to master the combos and dominate the meta
Craziest New Combo Decks in Standard!
Welcome Magic lovers!  With Outlaws of Thunder Junction now available both in paper and digital, players the world over are feverishly building and tuning new decks in the never-ending quest to find the most powerful list in a given format, and this has led to some very spicy ideas emerging. With that in mind, today we’ll be covering a couple of the more powerful combo decks that can be built in the Standard format, enabled by new cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Bant Bramblecage
Discover how to share videos in MTG Arena. Learn how to manage and share your gameplay videos effectively using the 'My Videos' section on MTG Circle.
How to Share Your Magic the Gathering Recorded Videos on MTG Circle
Magic The Gathering Arena offers an immersive platform for players to not only engage in epic card battles but also to share their gameplay experiences with a broader community. Sharing video content has become a cornerstone for enhancing interactive engagement and showcasing strategies. The "My Videos" section of MTG Circle serves as a critical hub for managing and distributing your personal video content to other enthusiasts and players. The Importance of Video Sharing for MTG Players Video sharing in the MTG community is more than just showing off epic battles; it's about learning, teaching, and connecting with others who share your passion. It allows for the exchange of strategies, showcasing unique decks, and even mentoring newer players through visual learning. The "My Videos" section on MTG Circle is specifically designed to store and organize your gameplay recordings. This dedicated area ensures that your videos are easily accessible and manageable.
Explore a newbie's journey into a Magic: The Gathering prerelease event. Learn about deck building, community vibes, and the thrill of gameplay.
Baby’s First Prerelease
The Historical Blind Spot I, Graham Bennett, aka HamHocks42, has not ever attended an in-person prerelease in a local game store prior to Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Over the past few years, I’ve been livestreaming MTG almost exclusively while also putting out YouTube content and even commentating on MTG Arena tournaments while lacking a fundamental experience that, if social media is to be believed, is shared by every player of the game besides me. I’ve been playing Magic since 2003 when Scourge was the new hotness on store shelves. I was brought into the game by some high school friends and my experience back in those days was exclusively on kitchen tables, sidewalks, and living room floors. I took a long break after graduating high school in 2004 and got back into the game just as MTG Arena dropped and hype for War of the Spark was reaching a fever pitch in 2019.
Explore the standout constructed cards from the latest MTG expansion, Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Discover which cards are shaping the metagame.
Top Constructed Cards from Thunder Junction!
Welcome Magic lovers!  With the upcoming release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction happening next week, Magic: the Gathering deck brewers the world over are frantically cobbling together and tweaking list after list in the never-ending quest of discovering the next big thing in the various competitive constructed formats such as Standard, Pioneer (Explorer on Magic Arena), Modern and beyond. Last week, we laid out a few basic deck ideas for Standard, which hopefully gave some of our readers a few new ideas to try out. Today, however, we’ll be focusing on what I believe are the most powerful individual cards in each color from Outlaws of Thunder Junction. These may be cards that slot nicely into existing archetypes, or perhaps they spawn a few brand-new decks based on their power alone. Without further adieu, let’s jump and take a look at my top three cards in each color that are most likely to see some competitive constructed tournament play!
Dive deep into the Outlaws of Thunder Junction set with our feature on Obeka, Splitter of Seconds. Discover how to maximize your Magic the Gathering games.
Time Traveling with Obeka
This new set is going to give us a few ubiquitous cards. There are a few that give us a feeling of "someone is going to make this broken somehow" and that truly excites the deck builder in me. We are approaching a Standard that will, for a few months, be a "complete" Standard Format - meaning that we will have every set available to us that is legal in the format to use with deck building. What is unique about it this time, as many know, is that Standard is going through it's first ever three year rotation cycle. It sounds intimidating, and there are some people who are flat-out sick of how many cards we have to worry about in the format. I get that, and I am sick of some cards too. What We will do today with this deck is actually make good use of some pretty old cards in the format and see if we can make them "good" again by abusing the triggered ability of one of our new outlaws from Thunder Junction. Hold onto your cowboy hats, we are going time traveling! {{ 665380eea510558070a07e24 }} Relevant New Cards from Thunder Junction
Unlock the secrets of brewing with artifact token copies in Magic: the Gathering. Learn strategies, card combos, and tips to enhance your deck-building skills.
Brewing Artifact Token Copies
Why is this Deck? Outlaws of Thunder Junction is coming to Arena in just over a week (Tuesday, April 16th) and I wanted to do some preparation to make sure have some jank ready to go to test when the time comes. Normally for these articles, I like to end with a link to the deck in action but, for obvious timing reasons, that won’t be an option today. That said, you will be able to see this deck in action on my Twitch stream as early as this Wednesday (April 10th) for the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Streamer Event! This new set contains a myriad of powerful build arounds, and one present theme in the Big Score bonus sheet is artifact tokens. A number of cards generate them, and a handful of cards even allow you to copy them, so I decided to collect 60 of these cards into a playable maindeck that, hopefully, can show off this mechanic.
Dive into the world of Magic the Gathering with our guide on Six Sexy Standard Deck Selections! Perfect for players seeking to dominate their next tournament.
Six Sexy Standard Deck Selections!
Welcome Magic lovers! Now that the final few cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction have been revealed, its time to begin the exciting process of crafting new homes in the Standard format for the most powerful and promising of the bunch. Without further adieu, let’s go over some spicy new Standard deck lists to get your creative juices flowing! Sideboards will be omitted until we see how the Standard meta game may shift once the new set drops. Credit for the deck lists goes to Will Erker. Jeskai Prowess
Elevate your game with our Thunder Junction mono black deck guide for Magic the Gathering. Discover key cards, combos, and strategies to crash the meta.
Making the Best New Mono Black Deck for Thunder Junction
It wouldn't be a real MTG set release if we didn't make a new mono black deck that showcases all of the new and awesome black cards, so I am here to do that for you today! We are going to be using the new bomb from Thunder Junction in a one turn kill combo {If you haven't heard about this card yet, you are going to very shortly). If that isn't enough, we will also include plenty of other ways to dwindle the life total of our opponent. This one will be a lot more low to the ground than normal, as the deck is centered around pulling off a combo, not necessarily grinding it out, or hoping to get to the late game for a win. We will have a well-rounded sideboard to be able to handle most of the threats that I foresee us facing, and if we need to, we can play that control game until it is time to pull off our flashy victory. The new set really is opening up a lot of doorways for many decks. Mono black undoubtedly will get better, but we do have to let things play out to also see how much better other archetypes get. I would definitely expect the sideboard to be dynamic, and changed frequently. {{ 665382dca510558070a07e2b }} Relevant New Cards
Dive into theory crafting for an Outlaws of Thunder Junction Reanimator deck in MTG. Explore card synergies, strategies, and game-changing combos.
Theory Crafting: Outlaws of Thunder Junction Reanimator
What is this Exercise? As of this writing, we’ve seen most of the cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction, so it’s a perfectly good time to start theory crafting the new brews we’re going to try when the set releases. While I don’t have a complete 75 to share with you yet, I wanted to share my thoughts and how I approach a Standard deck build with brand new cards. And, of course, I had to start with my favorite archetype of all time: reanimator.
Feast your eyes on the spiciest spoilers from Thunder Junction! Uncover the most thrilling Magic: The Gathering card reveals and predictions.
The Spiciest Spoilers from Thunder Junction!
Welcome Magic lovers!  With Outlaws of Thunder Junction spoiler season in full swing, Magic players have been treated to a bevy of build-around cards, new set mechanics and more than a few powerful, potential additions to existing top-tier decks across several formats. Today we’ll be zoning in on a few of the more tantalizing cards which have been revealed, and the best ways to build around or incorporate them into existing shells in order to maximize their effectiveness. The Insta-kill
Merge the chaos of Rakdos with ramp strategy in Magic: The Gathering. Discover how to build and pilot a powerful Rakdos Ramp deck.
Joining Up with Rakdos to Make a Ramp Deck
Most of us know about the Rakdos Ramp Deck that was popular in Standard maybe a month or two ago. Sometimes it is still played on ladder, and the deck is undoubtedly powerful. For today's purposes, we are going to bring back that archetype, but we are going to use some cards from the new set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction. This time, we will have to pay closer attention to the kinds of creatures that we put into the deck. They will all provide legitimate value, but we are mostly going to be trying to cheat out or reanimate legendary creatures, and you will see why that is so relevant very soon. We do use some cheap creatures early on in the deck that are not legendary, but they generate value on the board, and allow us to get other large creatures into our graveyard. We may miss out on some other value, but the payoff will be worth it. Some of these new cards from Thunder Junction will allow us to pull off a couple of one turn kills. {{ 665383c9a510558070a07e2c }} Relevant New Cards
Get the latest on Thunder Junction with day one spoilers. Dive deep into new Magic: The Gathering card reveals and their potential impact.
Thunder Junction Day One Spoilers
Spoiler Season Begins Outlaws of Thunder Junction will be upon us before you know it and we’re into day two of spoiler season! There are still plenty of cards we haven’t seen yet, but for our purposes here, I want to look at cards that might make a meaningful impact in the Arena metagames with a focus on Standard. Recent sets have caused significant shakeups in Standard and, based on the power level of what we’ve seen so far, I fully expect Outlaws of Thunder Junction to do the same.
Explore whether the ultimate Squirming deck has finally surfaced in Magic: The Gathering. Analysis, deck profiles, and competitive insights inside.
Has the best Squirming deck Emerged?
Welcome Magic lovers! With the new Temur Worldsoul’s Rage ramp deck attracting all the Standard buzz of late, its easy to forget that there are several other ways to abuse the graveyard right now that are also extremely powerful. The Squirming Emergence decks have been floating around the top 8 of several Magic Online Challenges, Regional Championship Qualifiers and even the Regional Championships themselves for some time now. However, the deck’s development has taken an interesting turn recently, as well-known Magic Online grinder aspiringspike won an RCQ with a unique take on the archetype. {{ 66538453a510558070a07e2d }}
Learn strategies to defeat the dominant Standard deck sweeping the MTG meta. Tips, counters, and tactics for turning the tides in your favor.
How to Beat the Standard Deck that is Taking the Meta by Storm!
"Temur Rage Ramp" as many are calling it, is beginning to take over the Standard best of three Meta. It is hard to play a few matches on MTGArena without at least facing that deck once. If you haven't played against it on the ladder, it is also difficult to peruse MTG Youtube or any website with decklists and not see this at least once. Creators are all chomping at the bit to make their own version of it, and create content around it. The deck is resilient, grindy, can come back for a one turn kill out of nowhere, and can even have the versatility of throwing a bunch of creatures on the board and using a planeswalker to overrun what you have on your side of the table in a lethal swing. To figure out how we want to gameplan against it, and ultimately give our decks favorable matchups against this behemoth post-sideboard, we have to identify the cards that really make the deck tick, and then identify the tools we have at our disposal to deal with them. The reason I felt so compelled to share this information is that there are two colorless artifacts that effectively shut down this deck. I thought it would be neat to demonstrate how anyone could run these cards in the sideboard of any one of their decks to bolster their chances at winning. First, let's take a look at the cards that make the Temur Ramp deck so relevant. {{ 66538486a510558070a07e2e }} Powerful, and Often Overlooked Cards in Temur Ramp
Explore the art of jank brewing with Queen Kayla bin-Kroog in Magic: The Gathering. Dive into deck-building tips, strategies, and unique gameplay.
Jank Brew: Queen Kayla bin-Kroog
Why is this Deck? Like so many brews we discuss here, this brew solely exists because I saw an ‘I dare you’ build around that I haven't touched in a while that I wanted to attempt. This time, it was Queen Kayla bin-Kroog. My queen sports a bizarre ability to wheel our hand at sorcery speed and take up to three creatures or artifacts from among the cards wheeled (based on mana value) and deposit them directly to the board. This ability interests me because it lets us play multiple creatures from our hand without spending cards and we might even go up on mana if the cards discarded line up well. [{ "card": ">Queen Kayla bin-Kroog<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/6/8/685c9767-eaa7-4e16-b245-816181e2fc36.jpg?1674421829" }]
Discover how the latest changes to Magic: The Gathering's Premier Play affect you. Get insights on adjustments, opportunities, and strategies.
Premier Play Changes, and how they affect YOU!!
Welcome Magic lovers! For many players on Magic Arena, the challenge of seeing how high one can grind on the ranked ladder, learning the intricacies of a new Limited environment, or perhaps simply enjoying casual Brawl matches with friends is enough to provide countless hours of entertainment. However, for a small number of competitive players, this simply isn’t enough. Which is why Wizards of the Coast, through their Premier Play program, periodically provides opportunities to play Magic on Arena for higher stakes: the Qualifier Weekends which feed into the Arena Championship, as well as the Arena Opens. Today, we’ll cover some of the changes that were announced to the Premier Play program, which hopefully encourages more players to take a shot at playing more competitive Magic: the Gathering.
Unravel the power of Eriette in Magic: The Gathering. Learn how to master a softer strategy that leads to victorious gameplay.
Killing Them Softly with Eriette
This week, we are going to play a new deck with a little bit more of an old-school feel. We are going to be playing around with enchantments (don't worry, not Selesnya Enchantments). This time around, we are looking at Orzhov, and although we have a mostly creature-based deck, we will generate some enchantments with those creatures that allow Eriette of the Charmed Apple to turn into a win condition for us. Orzhov, My First Love {{ 66538597a510558070a098db }}
Dive into Magic: The Gathering’s Fallout crossover. Discover essential facts, strategies, and what players should expect from this fusion.
Magic: The Gathering – Fallout: What should you know about it?
Fallout is widely regarded as one of the best RPG games in modern history. Having the opportunity to see that unique feel and creative elements in the world of Magic: The Gathering is very interesting, and that’s what Magic: The Gathering® – Fallout does. It takes elements from all the fallout games starting with the one from 1997, and it introduces them with a very distinctive perspective. What’s great about this new pack is that it really stands out with the characters you can find here. You have irradiated monsters, mutants, raiders and robots, among others. It’s a great perspective over how interesting and unique the world of Fallout is, but also the stunning elements that it can bring into the world of Magic: The Gathering! The Fallout Commander decks
Explore the introduction of guns in Magic: The Gathering. Understand how this evolution impacts gameplay, strategy, and the MTG universe.
Guns in Magic: the Gathering
Introduction With Outlaws of Thunder Junction coming in just a few weeks, it’s easy to think of classic Western tropes like cowboys and train robberies, but one image that stands out amongst them that presents an interesting question for current Magic players is the high noon duel. Western heroes are lauded for being “the fastest gun in the west,” but they’re now being included in a game that, allegedly, does not include guns in its artwork or lore. Today, I want to look through some examples of how guns have been depicted in Magic: the Gathering and see if this perception we have of it being a gun-free game is accurate. Of course, Universes Beyond products like Fallout or Warhammer 40k include characters and settings with guns, but for our purposes here, I want to look at just the Magic-branded sets.
Light up your MTG Standard matches with the Great Balls of Fire strategy. Get deck insights, play tips, and ignite the battlefield!
Great Balls of Fire in Standard!
Welcome Magic lovers! As the Standard Regional Championship Qualifying season came to a close, we saw some incredible innovation as several new decks rose from obscurity to find their place among the top tier of the meta game. One such deck that I wrote about previously on this very site was the eventual winner of the $75,000 Standard tournament that took place at MagicCon Chicago at the end of February in the hands of the infamous Magic Online grinder, cftsoc. The deck was a 68-card monster that abused the synergy between Aftermath Analyst and Nissa, Resurgent Animist, in order to generate an arbitrarily large amount of mana then loop Jace, Perfected Mind and Takenuma, Abandoned Mire to mill the opponent out. Well, it turns out that cftsoc may have opened Pandora’s Box by showing the Magic world how busted Nissa and Analyst could be together, as another hot, new deck has emerged which utilizes the same mana generation engine. Say hello to Temur Fireballs!
Discover why casting Invoke Despair in MTG's Explorer format remains a rewarding experience. Learn strategies to optimize its impact
Yes, It Still Feels Good to Cast Invoke Despair, Even if we have to do it in Explorer
We presently live in a MTG world where it is pretty easy to amass a large group of permanents on the board, and equally, in the same world, it is pretty darn easy to remove almost all of them with one spell. Some of these spells cost as little as four mana, and we begin to play around them once we see that a deck is not playing any spells, almost as if they are baiting us into playing all of our permanents to the board, only to have them removed en masse. This is why Invoke Despair is a particularly awesome card. The Card that Didn't Deserve to be Banned [{ "card": ">Invoke Despair<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/5/35af9d5c-4449-4549-b549-c3ba4a67dee0.jpg?1685368727" }]
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Unlocking Next-Level Experience: Exploring the Advanced Filter System for Magic: The Gathering Video Content
Magic: The Gathering games can be incredibly fun to play through and rewarding as well. It becomes extremely important for players to not only enjoy their games, but also learn from them. Since there are so many cards to use and decks to pursue, you do want to see how good these are and also figure out where you made a wrong play. That’s where the MTG Circle website is here to help. We established a comprehensive and very powerful video library where people can easily add new footage of their games. You get to share it with others, showcase the losses and wins, but also come back and study your games. After all, the best way to get better in any card game is to just learn from mistakes. However, finding footage within so many interesting options can be difficult. And that’s why we opted for an advanced filter system that you can start using.
Explore Thunder Junction, the latest Magic: The Gathering set. Get an exclusive first look at its themes, cards, and strategies.
The First Look at Thunder Junction
When you first set your eyes on the new Thunder Junction cards, you automatically think of the John Wayne movies and western novels. It definitely has that visual style and appeal, and people became very excited about it upon seeing the cards. Not too many cards were shown, which certainly added to the mystery and appeal of Thunder Junction. What’s great to see is that the cards do seem to provide great value to archetype, while also bringing the potential of creating new ones as well. The Abs Are Back [{ "card": ">Oko, the Ringleader<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/3/9/396df8d6-e85d-4486-8116-68841b7e1e2e.jpg?1712356176" }]
Dive into a firsthand account of navigating the challenges and excitement of participating in a first Magic: The Gathering tournament.
My Adventure in My First Magic: The Gathering Tournament
In this article, we spotlight Nino Grizzuti, a passionate and skilled Magic: The Gathering player who recently made waves by participating in the very first MTG Circle Tournament. Nino's journey through the competitive landscape of this beloved card game was not only a testament to his strategic prowess but also marked a significant milestone for our community. As we delve into Nino's adventure, from deck building to the exhilarating rounds of play, we celebrate the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines us here at MTG Circle. {{ 665caf0a8af6097e8456870a }} It was an exhilarating day when I participated in my first constructed format Magic: The Gathering tournament. With a heart brimming with enthusiasm and my meticulously crafted deck in hand, I embarked on this remarkable journey into the competitive world of MTG.
Get the highlights from Magic Con Chicago and the Pro Tour, plus essential tips for improving your paper Magic: The Gathering play.
Recapping Magic Con Chicago, The Pro Tour, and Some Tips for Paper Magic Play
How Was Magic Con Chicago? Going to any convention has it's fair share of nervousness, but also anticipation for some fond memories. I was personally incredibly excited to go and thankful for the opportunity to be there. My goal was to draft a bit, play in some constructed events, and try to earn some free MTG product - along with spending some time with friends and other creators that I would see there. Being able to watch The Pro Tour so closely was exhilerating. The Rakdos Vampires Deck stole the show, and we will get to some analysis of that later. It also proved us right that Vein Ripper is a powerhouse of a new card that can be potentially format-warping. There were some other decks that kind of took everyone by surprise. Emergent Ultimatum was another surprise card that saw play in the tournament and performed well.
Capture every epic moment with our cutting-edge MTG Arena Game Recording Software. Elevate your gameplay and analyze strategies like never before.
Introducing Our Revolutionary MTG Arena Game Recording Software
Playing MTG Arena can be a lot of fun, since you always get to try out new decks and connect with all kinds of players. However, it’s also a challenge since you will encounter a lot of people with great strategies and decks. That’s why it can be a great idea to record your games, and that’s where the CardFlow MTG Arena game recording software comes into play. The software allows you to capture all your games and any MTGA replays. Why should you record your MTG Arena games? It’s a great way to figure out where you made any mistakes, and you can also figure out how to create strategies as you make new decks. Not only that, but CardFlow is seamlessly integrated with MTG Arena, which means you can record everything with the utmost detail, without having to worry about any problems. The Genesis of the MTG Arena Game Recorder
Explore the top new Ramp deck in MTG Standard. Learn the build, strategy, and tips to master the deck and outplay your opponents.
The Hottest New Ramp Deck in Standard!
Welcome Magic lovers! Wow, what a weekend for competitive Magic: the Gathering! Not only did we get treated to premium Pioneer play as the top players in the world battled to see who would claim the title of Pro Tour Champion, but we also got to pore over the results of the Standard $75k, one of the format's largest tournaments, attracting the most competitive players from across the world.While the usual suspects showed up in force, including Esper Raffine and Domain Ramp decks, there were a bevy of brews that did well, including the deck we'll be focusing on today, Sultai Ramp, concocted by none other than the infamous cftsoc from Magic Online. Known for pioneering and piloting unorthodox decks to high place finishes, ctfsoc really outdid themselves with this 68-card monstrosity by going 12-1-1 in the Swiss, then crusing through the top 8 to take the whole tournament down: {{ 665cacbf8af6097e84568708 }}
 Struggling with recording errors in MTG Arena using CardFlow? This comprehensive guide walks you through locating and troubleshooting the minobs.exe file to get you back to recording in no time.
How to Fix CardFlow 'Error starting recording' when trying to record your MTGA gameplay
Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) revitalizes the iconic card game for the digital era and opens new avenues for players to share their gameplay through recording. CardFlow, a specialized recording software for MTG Arena, has become a favorite tool for many. However, users sometimes face a frustrating issue: recording fails to start. This article aims to solve this specific problem, with a focus on a common culprit: the absence or malfunction of the minobs.exe file. Understanding the Error When you initiate a MTG Arena match and check the video preview tab in CardFlow, encountering the message 'Error starting recording' indicates a malfunction in the automatic recording feature. This issue is most likely due to the absence of the minobs.exe file, leading to a disruption in the seamless recording process that CardFlow typically facilitates.
Master your Sealed games with our Murders at Karlov Manor guide. Get insights on building decks, strategic plays, and cards to watch for in this MTG set.
Murders at Karlov Manor: Sealed Primer!
Welcome Magic lovers! Ah yes, it’s nearly that wonderful time of year when life begins to blossom again, love is in the air…and there are grisly murders that must be solved! That’s right, in just over a week, on February 6th and 9th, Murders at Karlov Manor will drop on Magic Arena and at a local game store near you! Following in the footsteps of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, a format with no less thansix different mechanics, Murders at Karlov Manor is also absolutely packed with different mechanics, complex cards and convoluted interactions to explore. Add to this the new pack layout being introduced with Play Boosters, and it’s going to make for a very difficult format to navigate, but have no fear! Today we’ll be going over some Sealed format basics and heuristics, while applying them to the upcoming set. Let’s dive into the basics of building a Sealed deck! Step 1: How many bombs did we open and how can we get as many of them in the deck as possible?
We go over some of the most promising new cards spoiled in the upcoming Murders at Karlov Manor!
The Spiciest New Spoilers from Murders at Karlov Manor!
Welcome Magic lovers! With the Standard format in full swing, as players test and tune in preparation for their Regional Championship Qualifiers, its easy to forget that another brand-new set, Murders at Karlov Manor, will be dropping in the first week of February. Today, let’s go over some of the spiciest spoilers to see if we can pick out any diamonds from the rough that may see play in Standard or even Pioneer!The first card that stood out to me as being not only playable in competitive constructed formats, but which also slots nicely into an existing archetype is No More Lies. [{ "card": ">No More Lies<", "src": "https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/1/e/1e0c695d-62f9-4805-9e2f-7032e8464136.jpg?1706242217" }]
Delve into the current MTG Standard meta to discover if Mono-Black decks hold their ground. Get insights on card choices, matchups, and strategies.
Is Mono Black Still Worth Playing in Standard?
Mono Black, an archetype that has historically been a staple in most formats, has undoubtedly taken a couple of hits in the past couple of years between bans and the ascendance of multi-color decks. A standard format with a near-perfect mana base and tons of bombs that can be easily included into most decks by splashing another color make it tough to stick to a deck that only runs one color. Having Invoke Despair and Meathook Massacre banned was a a huge hit to the easy flow and seamless play of a mono black deck in the standard format. This begs the question: How do we make a good mono black deck in standard without having access to two of the most recent bombs that have been printed? Thanks to my stubbornness, enjoyment for the color, and overall maniacal brain composition, I think I might have an answer. Rediscovering Mono Black's Essence in Standard Format {{ 664bcf9d29ee97c57cf753c3 }}
Step up your MTG game with the latest standout deck in Standard format that's flying under the radar. Learn about its playstyle, key cards, and strategies.
The Hottest New Deck in Standard that you're Not Playing!
Welcome Magic lovers! With the post-holiday lull taking hold, and no new spoilers or big news to cover this week, we take a look at the competitive side of Magic: the Gathering, as the current Standard Regional Championship Qualifier Season has officially begun. {{ 665822902baf4fb4963be87e }}