About Us

Welcome to MTG Circle

Embark on a journey with us at MTG Circle, where we bring the Magic: The Gathering Arena community a revolutionary way to experience their favorite game. Our platform is not just a collection of videos; it's the epicenter of MTG Arena's pulsating energy, strategy, and thrill.

Revolutionizing Replay with Innovative Tech

We proudly introduce our exclusive software, silently operating in the background, recording your MTG Arena matches. Say goodbye to manual recording and uploading. Our technology does it all for you, seamlessly uploading your games to our platform. This allows you to focus solely on your gameplay, leaving the rest to us.

A Social Hub for MTG Enthusiasts

But we're more than just a video library. MTG Circle is a thriving social sphere where players rate videos, comment on strategies, and engage in discussions. Our platform encourages you to not only watch and learn but also to participate and connect with a global community of MTG Arena enthusiasts.

Your Contributions, Our Collective Growth

Every uploaded game, every shared strategy enriches our extensive video library. By automating the recording process, we empower you to contribute effortlessly, making our platform a repository of diverse strategies and epic gameplay.

Be Part of Our Story

Join us in building a dynamic, interactive world where every match is a story and every player a storyteller. At MTG Circle, your MTG Arena experience transcends the game—it becomes a part of a larger narrative, shared and celebrated by a passionate community.

Welcome to the ultimate destination for MTG Arena players—where your games are immortalized, and your voice matters.

Contact Us

Should you have any issues with the software or the website, or just want to share feedback, please contact us at support@mtgcircle.com.