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Gain direct access to some of the best Magic the Gathering replays. You have access to unique filters that allow you to view content based on the preferred strategies, formats or decks.

Understand where you made any mistakes by recording your games and rewatching them. You can access key moments from the matches in these MTG videos, and then use A/B scenarios to analyze your games and find where you can improve.

Learn about the latest MTG metagame and also enjoy Magic the Gathering Arena Replays by seeing pros in action. It can be a very interesting, unique and rewarding learning opportunity.

Receive updates from the MTG community and stay up-to-date with currently popular strategies, trends and the ever-evolving metagame.

You can watch all the Magic the Gathering videos in the MTG Circle database at any time, hassle-free.

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CardFlow is a dedicated recording software, made by MTG Circle and it can help you record your MTG gameplay. What makes the app unique is that it runs in the background and it captures all your games.

Our app is very focused on privacy, which means you will only have your Magic the Gathering gameplay recorded. Nothing else is included in the videos, so you always get to maintain your privacy and not worry about any data leaks or problems.

With CardFlow, you get to contribute to our large community and amazing database of MTG videos. You can share your videos, and others can learn from your mistakes, just like you will do the same from other videos.

We offer complete support for all Limited and Constructed MTG Arena events, along with tournament matches and all the MTGA formats.

All you have to do is to download the CardFlow app today, and you can start recording your Magic the Gathering gameplay in no time!


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