Unlocking Next-Level Experience: Exploring the Advanced Filter System for Magic: The Gathering Video Content

Unlock the full potential of Magic The Gathering video content with our advanced filter system. Easily find videos that match your interests and skill level.

Magic: The Gathering games can be incredibly fun to play through and rewarding as well. It becomes extremely important for players to not only enjoy their games, but also learn from them. Since there are so many cards to use and decks to pursue, you do want to see how good these are and also figure out where you made a wrong play. That’s where the MTG Circle website is here to help.

We established a comprehensive and very powerful video library where people can easily add new footage of their games. You get to share it with others, showcase the losses and wins, but also come back and study your games. After all, the best way to get better in any card game is to just learn from mistakes. However, finding footage within so many interesting options can be difficult. And that’s why we opted for an advanced filter system that you can start using.

Since our software records games and also captures their metadata, you will have an easier time filtering all the videos at your own pace. That adds great value and it enhances the experience, while offering you detailed information and guidance. You’ll be impressed with the ease of use and the fact that you can easily find pretty much any video you want at your own pace. The filters just help speed up your search process, while also ensuring you get to the desired video extremely fast!

The Power of Format Filtering

When it comes to playing and recording Magic: The Gathering videos, you do want to ensure that you have those videos in the right category. And that means you will usually have limited or constructed formats. These two filters also have their own subcategories as well.

The Constructed format makes it easy to build decks on your own, and that means you will have complete control over the decks you create, even if there are a few limitations and restrictions. With the Limited approach, you have a limited pool of cards. You will need to open a specific number of products and then use cards that came from those. It’s a more challenging system, but still a fun one.

Since we know that a lot of Magic: The Gathering players either go for one or the other, we decided to have both of these as filters. For Constructed videos, you will have Standard, Alchemy, Explorer, Historic, Timeless and Historic Brawl. If you want the Limited option, you have Draft, Sealed and Jump In. It becomes much easier to narrow down the right format.

There are so many game formats that it could be difficult to find what you are looking for. But with the MTG Circle format filtering, things become much simpler. You get complete control, more value and the experience as a whole gets to shine. It does become a tad more challenging at first, but that’s a part of the experience.

Event Name Filtering for Precision

Since Magic: The Gathering is extremely popular, you will have tons of videos from a multitude of events. Navigating through all of those can be very hard to do. That’s why we decided to implement a system to help find videos correspond to a specific event. That means there are videos for ranked games, direct games, play games or constructed events.

How does this filter help? You can narrow down on a specific type of event and see those videos only. For example, maybe you want to watch only ranked games, then you can use that event filter. However, some people want just constructed events, in that case they can go with that particular filter. It always helps enhance the experience, and you get to optimize and modify things the way you want. Using this approach is well worth the investment, and you will find it to deliver a much better value.

Rank-Based Filtering

As expected, going through different ranks is always a unique experience. Every rank has its own nuances, and the more you go up towards the Mythic rank, the more challenging and tactical those games become. Why do you need a rank based filtering system? Because many times, you will have a randomized order for the videos. Some of the videos will be for a lower rank, others will be for a higher rank as well. So it always helps to know exactly what rank you want to target, and how you plan on bringing that idea to fruition.

With that in mind, the advantage of having a dynamic rank filter is an exceptional idea. Sure, people play non-ranked matches and that’s fine. But if you want to see a ranked match, it can be hard to go through tons of videos and not see which ones are ranked and which ones are not. Our experience was like that too, and that’s why we wanted to have an advanced system where you can actively improve the way you play and seamlessly integrate this unique perspective.

Yes, now that you have an MTG Circle rank filter, it becomes much easier to see which videos are from a lower rank, and which ones come from a higher rank. It’s a nice approach to have for sure, and it definitely brings in an exciting and very rewarding experience. That’s the thing you want to pursue, and we made it a lot easier with a comprehensive rank filter.

Archetype Filtering: The Heart of Customization

Customizing your video experience on the MTG Circle website is always exciting, and it can give you lots of unique ideas. The Archetype filtering system is the one that we are the most excited for, and it also delivers great customization features. Here you have 2 modes, the default mode and the VS mode. In the case of our Default mode, you just add more to the number of filtered group fetched games, either with archetype 1 or 2, depending on the situation. It’s a versatile filter system that does make it easier to stick with specific videos featuring the archetype that you want.

When it comes to the VS mode, here you can select an archetype and then you will have a dropdown where you can find video content against that archetype. It means you will have an archetype vs archetype pairing which is great, it delivers a unique approach to how you can view certain videos based on the archetypes you want. It becomes engaging, while still offering you a unique perspective over the gameplay.

Game Mode Selection

Usually people like to have a shorter game, but there are those that like the “Best of 3” approach. We know that and we decided to include a set of filters which seamlessly reflects that approach. The idea here is quite simple, you will have the option to choose either to see a single match or a BO3 match. Both of them are offering an excellent experience, and it all comes down to what you want.

It’s safe to say that shorter matches can sometimes be easier to go through. Then again, longer matches certainly have their demanding situations and issues too. BO3 games are longer due to their nature, but that doesn’t detract from their appeal. A lot of people like those matches, because they get to see how players bounce back and how they experiment with a new strategy to win. It’s always up to you to choose either BO1 or BO3 matches. They are all exciting and fun, and they can lead to some amazing results every time.

Set Filter: A Limited Format's Best Friend

When you want to go with a more limited format or explore set-specific metagames, then it becomes a huge part of the process to manually go through everything. We found that having a set filter can help immensely. It breathes new life into the limited format. Yet at the same time, you get to have a blast checking out the numerous formats, seeing what and how you can expand things, and adjust on the fly. You will certainly find this process to be very detailed and comprehensive, but also modifiable to your needs.

As someone who enjoys limited format games, you will definitely find it much easier to explore those set-specific metagames at your own pace. You still have complete control over the filtering process, and it will give you a nice result every time if you do it right. Yes, it might seem overwhelming at first to browse through all that content, but the set filter eliminates all the hassle.

Advanced Sorting Options

MTG Circle also has a variety of other advanced sorting options, which are extremely interesting to use and adapt to your needs. For example, you have community ratings, along with duration, date and anything in between. Some matches are very long, depending on the number of turns. Others can be short, and that’s also fine. Plus, there are people that really like to think and take their time as they play.

With the advanced sorting options, you can easily sort based on any criteria. What’s nice about this filter system is that you can also filter based on the number of turns, not just the game duration. Sometimes you want to see longer games with a more challenging gameplay mechanic. Thankfully, you can do that with the filtering system, if you so desire.

Interactivity Between Filters

One of the most important things about the MTG Circle filtering system is that it’s meant to be vibrant and it will automatically adapt to your selections. As you add more and more filters, you will see the video list shorten. Some filters will disable certain options too. We always liked the idea of having a vibrant filtering system that feels alive and easy to use. That’s why we decided to make sure that the filtering system we use is very easy to adjust and customize, but it also works exactly as expected. It’s a nice change of pace, and it always helps make the process very easy.

Customizing Your Content Discovery Experience

The main reason why we decided to go with a more complex filter system is because it leads to a more personalized experience. Sure, while we all want to see Magic the Gathering replays, that doesn’t mean everyone’s experience will be the same. Some people want to see ranked matches, others want to focus on a specific archetype or format. That’s why we wanted to ensure that our community has access to the videos they want, however they want. In doing so, we made a filter system that’s vibrant, it adjusts based on what you need, and you can still get to enjoy games, as well as learn from them.

Community Ratings and Their Influence

Player ratings are shown in the results, allowing you to see the level of rating others have given to a particular video. It’s important to note that every user can rate videos based on the gameplay and other factors they liked or disliked.

We always want to ensure that our community has access to great videos, and they can also appreciate the best videos too. That’s why we always use community insights and ratings to help narrow down the right videos. It always comes down to offering our viewers a great and enjoyable experience!


Our focus with MTG Circle is to ensure that all players get to enjoy their MTG games and learn from the community. There are a plethora of games you can check out, and all of them can be a great way to learn from players. Plus, with the unique filtering system, it becomes easier for everyone to narrow down exactly on the type of games they want.

We ensure that you have access to a wide range of MTG videos, and you always get to filter them the way you want. Plus, you get to pick any video type and then our filtering system will automatically modify things based on your input. If you’re looking for a great way to improve your MTG knowledge, watch videos and improve your craft, don’t hesitate and browse our website for incredible, engaging and exciting videos!

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