My Adventure in My First Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Dive into a firsthand account of navigating the challenges and excitement of participating in a first Magic: The Gathering tournament.

In this article, we spotlight Nino Grizzuti, a passionate and skilled Magic: The Gathering player who recently made waves by participating in the very first MTG Circle Tournament. Nino's journey through the competitive landscape of this beloved card game was not only a testament to his strategic prowess but also marked a significant milestone for our community. As we delve into Nino's adventure, from deck building to the exhilarating rounds of play, we celebrate the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defines us here at MTG Circle.

Total Cards:

It was an exhilarating day when I participated in my first constructed format Magic: The Gathering tournament. With a heart brimming with enthusiasm and my meticulously crafted deck in hand, I embarked on this remarkable journey into the competitive world of MTG.

The tournament began with a thrilling mix of excitement and nervousness. It was the inaugural test of my self-built deck against seasoned players. Embracing the adage "who dares, wins," I approached the tournament with unwavering determination.

My Deck: 5 Color Ramp

  • Key Cards:

Magic the Gathering Card - Wild Nacatl - MTG CircleMagic the Gathering Card - Territorial Kavu - MTG CircleMagic the Gathering Card - Nishoba Brawler - MTG Circle

Creatures: Wild Nacatl, Kavu, and Nishoba anchor a formidable aggro lineup, boasting low mana costs. Questing Druid enhances card draw and grows stronger with each non-green card played.


Planeswalker: Minsc and Boo, introducing a trampling creature that easily becomes a 4/4 with +1, and serves as a potent finisher with -2.

Magic the Gathering Card - Tribal Flames - MTG Circle


Sorcery: Tribal Flames, delivering 5 damage with domain.


Magic the Gathering Card - Lightning Bolt - MTG Circle

Instant: Lightning Bolt, inflicting 3 damage for just one mana.


Sideboard: Includes 4 Strict Proctor, 4 Ashiok, and 4 Get Lost for matchups against Monogreen or decks featuring creatures with battlefield entry effects. 2 Teferi to counter control decks.

Match Highlights:

First Match: A victory against Sky (Rakdos Midrange) showcased the effectiveness of my deck's aggro components and strategic sideboarding.


Second Match: Triumphed over flushdonkey (Field with Uro), demonstrating the deck's resilience and adaptability.


Third Match: Secured a win against Libuzzi (Izzet Tempo), highlighting my ability to counter fast-paced strategies and Blood Moon challenges.


Fourth Match: Faced a tough battle against Jman_ecks (Jund midrange), learning valuable lessons from a rare defeat.


Fifth Match: Encountered difficulty against Sweeper (Lurrus Death Shadow), underscoring the importance of strategy and sideboarding.


Top 8: Overcame previous adversaries, showcasing determination and growth through the tournament.


Participating in my first Magic: The Gathering tournament was a rollercoaster of emotions. Despite facing challenges that nearly jeopardized my advancement to the final stages, I demonstrated that dedication and effort could lead to significant achievements in the MTG community. I eagerly anticipate future tournaments, ready to continue learning and honing my skills.

I extend my congratulations to all tournament participants for their incredible skill and sportsmanship. Special thanks to Red for their flawless organization, making this unforgettable experience possible.

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