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Playing MTG Arena can be a lot of fun, since you always get to try out new decks and connect with all kinds of players. However, it’s also a challenge since you will encounter a lot of people with great strategies and decks. That’s why it can be a great idea to record your games, and that’s where the CardFlow MTG Arena game recording software comes into play. The software allows you to capture all your games and any MTGA replays.

Why should you record your MTG Arena games? It’s a great way to figure out where you made any mistakes, and you can also figure out how to create strategies as you make new decks. Not only that, but CardFlow is seamlessly integrated with MTG Arena, which means you can record everything with the utmost detail, without having to worry about any problems.

The Genesis of the MTG Arena Game Recorder

Before we talk about MTG Arena, it’s very important to note how this software was created in the first place. We are avid MTG Arena players, and we love the amazing gameplay, strategic approach and how diverse the game can be. There are so many cards that it can be very difficult to find 2 people with identical decks. However, players know very well that getting started with MTG Arena requires quite a bit of training.

And even if you learn the ropes, you can still lose to a lot of players. We ended up in that predicament, and we saw how important it is to learn from your own mistakes and see where you can improve. That’s when we realized the need to have a proper replay feature which can help us record games and replay them to see what was wrong.

Once we saw the need for this type of software, we decided to create it and help the community. The MTG Arena community has been asking for this type of tool for a long time, since they know it can be incredibly helpful. Whether you want to showcase your victories or learn from your defeat, it becomes a great idea to have a way to replay those previous games.

Key Features of the MTG Arena Game Recorder

  • The CardFlow MTG Arena game recorder was made specifically for people that want to learn from matches, but also experiment with decks or even highlight their wins.
  • The app also offers seamless recording, and you don’t need to do anything, you just start the app and set it up. Then it will automatically record your matches.
  • Unlike any other video recorder, the app is made specifically with MTG Arena matches in mind. It’s custom-made to ensure that it captures all the steps you take during a match, and then you can preview and then view your video in no time.
  • The app is focused on recording constructed matches. However, it’s constantly expanding and the primary focus is to try and include all the MTGA game modes. It all comes down to the community and what kind of features are asked for.

Comprehensive Data Collection

In order for CardFlow to provide comprehensive information, it needs to acquire specific data during your games. And that’s why it focuses on a variety of different info, along with the video capturing process. The data is acquired privately, which means you don’t need to worry about any leaks. Instead, it all focuses on helping you capture match info and study it with great detail.

What kind of data is acquired by CardFlow? The app will try to collect as much of the necessary data as possible. This includes the outcome of the game, but also how much did the match take. In addition, the app will also collect info like the cards used. That way, aside from seeing the video, you already know how much time it took, the type of deck that was played and so on.

The data acquired by CardFlow makes it easier to sort your videos based on cards and other relevant info. That means you can find the videos you want a lot quicker. Normally, it can take quite a bit of time if you have a plethora of videos to sift through manually. However, once this data is collected, it becomes much easier to make this process consistent and comprehensive as well.

Advanced Match Analysis

One of the main benefits that CardFlow provides is the fact that you can easily study and estimate archetypes. Studying the games will give you a much better idea of learning certain archetypes. You can see how various cards interact with each other and which ones can deliver the perfect style of deck. On top of that, you also want to use tools like CardFlow in order to see how you can prepare counters for certain archetypes.

MTG Arena features a plethora of archetypes, and it’s very easy to be unprepared when you are facing an archetype you never saw before. That’s where the true value of this app comes into play. You can finally capture your games, understand the match dynamics and learn from the data accumulated. Once you study this, it becomes much easier to implement everything, and that can be extremely useful in the long term.

The ability to study previous matches can be extremely useful as you get better and better at MTG Arena. It becomes a must-have to have a tool that records and then plays your matches. You can take notes, learn from mistakes and become a much better player in the long run. Yes, it can be difficult to try and learn from matches if you can’t go through them. CardFlow gives you the opportunity to better yourself as a player, while still making the learning process easier.

Great user experience

Another important aspect when it comes to CardFlow is that it’s designed to have a very seamless integration with MTG Arena. Generally, when you need to record any game with another software, the entire process is cumbersome. But CardFlow removes all that hassle. Instead, you install the software and it will start capturing games as you play. You can start and stop the recording process at any time.

It’s the seamlessness and ease of use that sets CardFlow apart. After all, you want to play your MTG Arena games without disruptions. You can start and stop recording your videos, and they are seamlessly organized within the app. All videos captured with the app are available in the library, and that’s where you can browse through every video. If you want, you can even see a preview of the video beforehand, so you can ensure you found the right one!

All of these features enhance the user experience since you can play the game and then revert to CardFlow to see your recordings. It’s very easy to choose what games to record and stopping everything is simple as well. That means beginners and experienced players will have a blast creating a video library with their videos. The app automatically sends these videos to the MTG Circle video database. Those videos are accessible by everyone, so you can easily learn from other people’s games and experiences.

Privacy and Security

We all want to play our game and not have to worry about any data leaks or problems similar to that. We understand those concerns and that’s why CardFlow was made with data protection in mind. The main focus is on bringing players the ultimate experience, while also pushing the boundaries and delivering an excellent gameplay.

CardFlow records games, but it will not capture any non-match activities and deckbuilding. That’s a crucial aspect because not only does it help you enjoy your games, it also allows you to keep private info safe. We know how crucial it can be to stay safe when playing the game, and that’s why we took all the extra steps necessary to ensure every player’s privacy. Don’t worry, any activity you perform outside a match or any deck building experience

Enhancing Your MTG Arena Strategy

One of the primary reasons why you want to record your games is that it can help with your gameplay. Having access to those recordings can make it easier to identify mistakes and figure out the right strategies to help you improve. The data offered by CardFlow can also help you create better decks. You can always learn once you record your games, and doing that can help you become a better player.

You won’t win every time, but every loss can become a great learning experience. And that’s the true role of CardFlow, to make it easier for you to construct decks, see how they do and adapt to the meta or shift against it with creativity. You’ll also have access to the necessary data in order to make the necessary adjustments and judgment.

Getting Started with the MTG Arena Game Recorder

Installing the CardFlow MTG Arena Game Recorder is very simple. You just have to go through a few simple steps, as you can see below:

  • Download the software from the MTG Circle website.
  • Initiate the setup process and wait until the installation is finished.
  • Start the app and wait until it checks for updates. It will automatically install any update so you can always have access to the latest version.
  • Login to your account so any match you play can be recorded at any given time.
  • In the settings panel you can press the checkmark so the app can automatically start when you enter Windows. There’s also a dedicated low-resource mode you can access as well.
  • Start and then stop recording any video. You can see the videos you recorded in the video library.

Community Feedback and Updates

The CardFlow app is made by MTG Arena players for the community. We are players just like you, and that’s why it’s very important for us to help the community with tools that are useful and great to access. We always listen to the community and it’s the user feedback that helps shape the future of the app and which guides us towards the most important updates.

If you want to share any suggestions or ideas that should be included within CardFlow, all you have to do is to contact us. We always listen to the community and feedback, in order to ensure we always help players make the most out of their MTG Arena experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What operating systems does CardFlow work on?

At this time, CardFlow is only available for the Windows platform, but we are focused on making it available for other platforms in the future.

  • Will it capture all my gameplay?

CardFlow is designed to only record the MTG Arena gameplay. It won’t record any of your off-Arena tasks. Instead, it only records the gameplay and it saves within the video library. It’s a very secure solution that protects your info, while also ensuring that any sensitive/private info is never shared with anyone.

  • Does it support all game modes?

Yes, absolutely CardFlow supports all game modes, including Ranked, Play, Events, Constructed, Limited.

  • Is the app running in the background?

Yes, once you install the CardFlow app and login, it will run in the background and record your matches. The recordings can be seen in the video library, and those are also automatically uploaded to our website as well. As we said, we are all about privacy, so only the gameplay gets recorded.


CardFlow is designed to provide all MTG Arena players with an exciting, new way to experiment and learn from their games. We all want to improve at the game, and the best way to achieve that is via learning from mistakes and any wrong plays. With CardFlow, you have a powerful way to record your videos, study every match and improve your strategies.

We are firm believers that once you install CardFlow, you won’t have a problem becoming the best at this game. It’s an amazing opportunity to enhance your gameplay and truly push it to the next level. We highly recommend testing it out for yourself, and you can download the app right now from our website!

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