Magic: The Gathering – Fallout: What should you know about it?

Dive into Magic: The Gathering’s Fallout crossover. Discover essential facts, strategies, and what players should expect from this fusion.

Fallout is widely regarded as one of the best RPG games in modern history. Having the opportunity to see that unique feel and creative elements in the world of Magic: The Gathering is very interesting, and that’s what Magic: The Gathering® – Fallout does. It takes elements from all the fallout games starting with the one from 1997, and it introduces them with a very distinctive perspective.

What’s great about this new pack is that it really stands out with the characters you can find here. You have irradiated monsters, mutants, raiders and robots, among others. It’s a great perspective over how interesting and unique the world of Fallout is, but also the stunning elements that it can bring into the world of Magic: The Gathering!

The Fallout Commander decks

You can find 4 commander decks, and each one of them has its own theme. These are quite interesting because you can actually find some popular faces!

  • Scrappy Survivors has Dogmeat as the commander, and it’s a deck that focuses on scavenging. They also introduce junk tokens, and these can be used in order to draw cards. It’s a great set for those that want to suit up creatures with equipment and auras.
  • Mutant Menace is a bit difference, since it has mutated creatures. The commander for this deck is the Wise Mothman. The idea here is that you play creatures and you buff them with counters. You can also irradiate yourself too, if you so desire. All in all, it’s a truly interesting Magic set!
  • Hail Caesar has Caesar as your commander. In this particular deck, you have leaders of the militant factions, but also soldiers and raiders. If you use this deck, you can start creating an army of creature tokens and you can be very aggressive. The squad mechanic is handy, and you’ll even be able to create extra copies for your creatures if you want.
  • Science is the last commander deck, and the commander here is Dr Madison Li. Your focus is to try and play artifacts as the means to create energy. Needless to say, it’s a solid way for you to use robots, synths, science and energy weapons.

What about the Collector Boosters?

If you get the Collector Boosters with Booster Fun options, you will find yourself enjoying quite a lot of interesting ideas. For example, you have the Pip Boy treatment, which is added to 26 cards. 9 of them are reprints and they have alternative art and titles. There’s a treatment in surge, traditional and non-foil options.

Having the Fallout borderless reprints in the collector boosters is great, and the fact that you get multiple foil options makes it quite an interesting collectible to say the least. But that’s not all, because there’s non-foil full art in the commander decks. That’s used for the 5 isometric environments. These are classic locations like the swamp, island, plains, forest and so on.

Aside from that, the Magic: The Gathering® – Fallout series also has extended art cards. These are available in the Collector Boosters, and they have surge, traditional and non-foil versions. What’s cool is that even the bobbleheads get some great treatment. There are 7 cards with serialization, 500 copies each. They also have the double rainbow foil treatment, which is quite a unique approach to these cards.

Magic the Gathering Card - Agility Bobblehead - MTG CircleMagic the Gathering Card - Perception Bobblehead - MTG CircleMagic the Gathering Card - Charisma Bobblehead - MTG Circle

Other great cards from the set

Magic the Gathering Card - Nuka-Cola Vending Machine - MTG CircleMagic the Gathering Card - V.A.T.S. - MTG Circle

Aside from those cards, there are some other unique ones that you will find in the new Magic: The Gathering® – Fallout set as well. These are the Alpha Deathclaw, V.A.T.S., Command Tower, Radstorm, Nuka-Cola Vending Machine, Overencumbered, Mr. House, President and CEO, but also Vault 101: Birthday Party.

The release of this Magic: The Gathering® – Fallout set is no accident, with the new Fallout series coming to Amazon’s Prime Video service. It’s great to have a representation of Fallout for Magic: The Gathering, and the unique features that they implemented are quite extraordinary. We think that it’s a great opportunity for Magic to delve into other properties, which might happen sooner rather than later!

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