Top 10 Missing Cards on MTG Arena!

Explore the top 10 missing cards on MTG Arena that players want. Learn why these Magic: The Gathering cards should be added and their impact on the meta.

In recent years, along with an increase in the number of products by WotC which we are now accustomed to, we are seeing more and more cards from past sets being introduced into MTG Arena.

Initially, in fact, this was only possible through occasional special sets, such as Jumpstart or Anthology, while only later a bonus sheet was introduced next to some sets, so as to facilitate reprints (as for Strixhaven's Mystical Archive, the first one released).

This year things have intensified even further, as with Murders at Karlov Manor not only “The List” arrived on MTG Arena, but Special Guests were introduced as the new standard for each new set: once again reprints, but with rarity maximized to mythic.

At this rate, MTG Arena is expanding more and more and in a time than it seemed at the beginning. It has already been announced that by the end of 2024 they'll give us all the main cards played in Pioneer via Pioneer Masters, an actually draftable set, but it's not unthinkable that slowly, in 2-3 years, this could expand to Modern or at least to most of its cards played.

Today I want to show you my top 10 cards that we don't have on MTG Arena yet, but I would love to see added as soon as possible. It's not a ranking based on the power level, nor on the playability of the card, because in that case I would have just searched the Modern and Legacy lists to select the best ones we still don't have and in some cases we'll never have by choice, as cards that are too strong, oppressive or simply unfun and with a bad design.

With the arrival of MH3, we already have enough power level to work with and, rather than adding more, I preferred to reward the historical cards that people loved to play, that gave so much to the game, but that could still reserve surprises and add diversity.

In short, cards that deserve to be on MTG Arena!

#10 Splinter Twin

Magic the Gathering Card - Splinter Twin - MTG Circle

Let's start right away with a card that divides! Splinter Twin is loved by some (me included) and hated by others, but no one can deny that it was iconic until it was banned in Modern, 8 years ago.

At the time, a combo that could be performed with a creature no earlier than turn 4 was deemed too oppressive, but today the game has evolved a lot and I believe the awe towards this card is totally unjustified, to the point that it would most likely not even see play once an understandable phase of initial enthusiasm has passed.

The inclusion of Splinter Twin could be a strategic move by WotC to recall to the platform all those old Modern players of the past who have quit in the meantime, as well as current Modern players who, unable to play it in their own format, would end up trying the Historic format as well.

It's true, MTG Arena doesn't have Pestermite or Deceiver Exarch to combo with, but in that case I'm pretty confident you'd be happy with what's available on the menu, like Corridor Monitor and Hyrax Tower Scout.

#9 Dark Confidant

Magic the Gathering Card - Dark Confidant - MTG Circle

Dark Confidant is the last real missing piece for what many call “Boomer Jund”, meaning the version that was played in Modern years ago. Sure, you have to make some compromises like pretending that Restless Ridgeline is Raging Ravine or that we can go without Fulminator Mage because the UrzaTron lands are not available, but little by little all the other pieces have already been added and I'm sure that sooner or later even “Bob” (nicknamed like this because the first art depicts Bob Maher) will not be long in coming.

Recently WOE's Enchanting Tales gave us Dark Tutelage which is its non-creature and more expensive version, but we got even a closer thing in the last Standard set with Caustic Bronco.

Unfortunately, from the current Modern we already know Dark Confidant has been surpassed and now sees practically no play anymore, but maybe in Historic, with Lurrus of the Dream-Den and without Orcish Bowmasters, someone could still decide to give it a chance, even better if together with Death's Shadow.

#8 Boros Charm

Magic the Gathering Card - Boros Charm - MTG Circle

With Explorer Anthologies 3, 5 of the 10 Ravnica's charms have already been reprinted, but unfortunately Boros Charm was not among them, despite being perhaps the most important. With its 4 damage for only 2 mana, it's the multi-format burn spell and the main reason to splash white in Burn. It's what is missing to copy-paste the Pioneer version on MTG Arena, while in Historic it could be played together with Phlage, Titan of Fire's Fury as it's happening in Modern.

#7 Leonin Arbiter

Magic the Gathering Card - Leonin Arbiter - MTG Circle

It stands to reason that Wasteland will never hit the platform, so why not make it at home by combining this Leonin's ability with Ghost Quarter? Even in Timeless it could still be useful, denying or taxing fetchlands as well as any other shuffle effect such as: Demonic Tutor, Assemble the Team, Chord of Calling, Natural Order or Primeval Titan.

By the way, it's just a cute extra that Leonin Arbiter is a cat and therefore synergizes with Ajani, Nacatl Pariah / Ajani, Nacatl Avenger.

#6 Eldrazi Temple

Magic the Gathering Card - Eldrazi Temple - MTG Circle

We had a first wave Eldrazi reprints with Explorer Anthologies 2 and a second wave of new entries with Modern Horizons 3. Although for some reason Eldrazi Mimic and Reality Smasher are still missing, all in all it would also be possible to build a themed deck... if only they had remembered to give us Eldrazi Temple to be able to cast them! Ugin's Labyrinth helps but it's only the first step, while I strongly doubt they will put: Urza's Tower, Urza's Mine, Urza's Power Plant, since they have already been overplayed for over a decade in Modern and I don't think they want the same to happen on Arena. Eldrazi Temple has a perfect design since it only works with Eldrazi and moreover it could be reprinted uncommon, saving wildcards and unlocking Eldrazi in Historic Artisan as well.

#5 Arcbound Ravager

Magic the Gathering Card - Arcbound Ravager - MTG Circle

There are already: Hardened Scales, The Ozolith, Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp, Patchwork Automaton, Hangarback Walker, Steel Overseer and a whole series of creatures that synergize with counters, but despite this the deck is not even a tier 3 in Historic.

Arcbound Ravager is the glue to put all the pieces together and make sure that at least the deck works. Of course I don't expect anything special, also because compared to the Modern version (not even great) we would still be missing important cards like: Welding Jar, Urza's Saga or Walking Ballista, but its reprint alone would give meaning to a whole series of unplayed cards on the platform, it would add diversity to the format and it would be having another card that wrote a page of history in Modern.

#4 Aether Vial

Magic the Gathering Card - Aether Vial - MTG Circle

Probably until last year I would have put Aether Vial in first place, as the card that I would have liked the most. It pushes creatures, making them uncounterable and giving them flash, but above all saving mana that can then be used in other ways. It's the card for Death & Taxes, Humans, Merfolk but, above all, Goblins!

Even if this premise looks fantastic, today's reality could be much more disappointing since there are now so many solutions they have unintentionally printed for this card. White for example completely destroys Aether Vial both with single removals: Fragment Reality and Prismatic Ending, and with mass removals: Divine Purge and Wrath of the Skies.

Our artifact needs time to charge and allow us to set up our game plan and, if this time is denied, a disaster is around the corner and the game could be very hard to recover.

I'm always happy to have Aether Vial on Arena and would certainly play it a lot, but for a more competitive level you probably have to deal with the format.

#3 Birds of Paradise

Magic the Gathering Card - Birds of Paradise - MTG Circle

Wait, how is it possible Birds of Paradise is not on Arena yet? It's among the first cards ever created in Alpha, but above all it has been reprinted an infinite number of times! To be clear, it was reprinted just a few months ago with Ravnica Remastered but once again fate wanted this not to end up on Arena.

In many cases it would be more useful to have Noble Hierarch or Ignoble Hierarch, also absent, but Birds of Paradise is an absolutely iconic card and therefore the first step to start from.

As for its playability, it is definitely relevant that Historic has the nerfed version A-Orcish Bowmasters so as not to be strictly necessary to play mana dorks with increased toughness like Delighted Halfling or Gilded Goose and, after more than 30 years, Birds of Paradise could still see play in any green-based creature deck, just like Yawgmoth, Thran Physician!

#2 Bring to Light

Magic the Gathering Card - Bring to Light - MTG Circle

I don't know about you but when I about the main difference between Pioneer and Explorer, I immediately think of this card. Whenever I look at the lists that have worked on MTGO trying to replicate them in Explorer, I skip the ones containing Bring to Light because it's a fundamental card and without it the entire archetype cannot exist.

Of course there are many other important cards that are missing from the format but in the vast majority of cases a slightly weakened version is still viable (except for cases of decks not super played such as Rona, Herald of Invasion // Rona, Tolarian Obliterator Combo with Retraction Helix), so I consider Bring to Light the missing link between Pioneer and Explorer and that's the reason it's among the top places.

#1 Force of Negation

Magic the Gathering Card - Force of Negation - MTG Circle

First place in my personal ranking goes to: Force of Negation! MH3 failed to live up to the expectations of an efficient zero-mana counter spell, with Flare of Denial that ended up disappointing the initial expectations of many.

Although Force of Negation can understandably be legal only in Timeless, I believe it's a fundamental card to regulate the format and make it enjoyable, giving players the possibility to interact with the combos and broken synergies on which the format is based.

A first turn Dark Ritual on the play is much less scary, as are Reanimate or Show and Tell that must now be cast less lightheartedly. In general, this card alone would greatly improve the format, but above all it would make it more interesting and fun, creating a digital gaming experience in some ways more similar to the Legacy format.

That's all for today! Of course this top 10 is merely personal and it's normal yours differs, especially considering the immense amount of Magic cards out there that sadly Arena players do not have access to. Just be patient because at least a small part of your dream cards will hit the platform sooner or later and meanwhile it will keep growing better and better!

I'm Luciano, Italian MTG player since 2003. I play every available format on MTG Arena on a competitive level. Semi-finalist at the Arena Championship 3.